Zoom Lighting

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Zoom Lighting

Zoom is a web-based communication platform designed for corporations. It became so popular, that “Zoom lighting” actually became a term. This term refers to the light adjustment needed for online video call meetings.

This is how the concept originated of zoom meeting, and has since caught on to different lighting brands, as well as online web pages that provide the same hues and colors so that your chin or nose does not give off a weird shadow during video conferences.

To use FullScreen’s Zoom Lighting, start by adjusting the slider to get your desired color tone in the box above. Once achieved, simply click on the box to make it full screen. Alternatively, you can also select a resolution that fits your screen from the drop-down menu and click “Download” to get an image of the desired color.

Note that the color selector in Zoom Lighting does not expand across the enter RGB spectrum. This is because Zoom Lighting should only have mild and vibrant colors that, when reflected off of your face, appear appealing and well-lit on the camera.

Zoom Lighting Uses

Zoom lighting is particularly important in the context of video conferencing, virtual meetings, and remote work. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that participants appear clear and professional on camera.

Enhanced video quality

Good lighting can significantly improve the quality of the video by making the picture clearer and more vibrant. It helps in reducing graininess and improving the overall visual presentation. In a multi-monitor setup, you can use one screen to participate in the meeting and the other to compensate for the lack of light, or adjust the lighting general.

Professional appearance

Proper lighting ensures that individuals look their best on camera, which is crucial for professional settings. It can eliminate shadows and harsh contrasts, making one’s appearance more pleasing.

Eye comfort

Adequate lighting can reduce eye strain for you and the other participants, especially in long sessions. It makes it easier for viewers to focus without getting tired.

Improved Engagement

When participants can see each other clearly, it creates better engagement and interaction opportunities. Good lighting can make virtual meetings feel more personal and less detached.

Better non-verbal communication

Proper lighting ensures that subtle cues like facial expressions and gestures are visible, aiding in clearer communication, since not all communication may be verbal.

Color accuracy

Proper lighting helps in maintaining true-to-life colors, ensuring that the video does not distort the natural skin tone or the colors of clothing and the background.

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