Dead Pixel Testing Tool

Use the Arrow keys to change to the test screen and the Esc key to exit fullscreen.

A dead pixel on a screen no longer displays any color. It has been deemed “dead” because it is has become non-operational. To the naked eye, these pixels appear black.

Sometimes, due to physical damage, a cluster of pixels die making it appear as a dot on the screen. The size of the dot can vary depending on the number of dead pixels. However, sometimes, individual pixels die and are difficult to detect. This is when you can use FullScreen’s dead pixel tester to identify the faulty pixels on your screen.

How to use Dead Pixel Testing Tool

Open the dead pixel tester in your browser on the faulty screen. Click “Start Dead Pixel Test” and your screen will immediately shift to a different color. Here, switch between the different colors look carefully for the dead pixels on your screen and identify them.