Cream White
Off White
Ghost White

Full White Screen

The full white screen turns your display into a completely white screen. Similar to a full black screen, a white screen can also help to clean out the darker dust particles on the display that are difficult to see on a darker background.

It can also be used to detect any dead pixels on the screen that will not turn white, or you can use a white screen as a torch to illuminate your surroundings.

Click on the respective box to turn your screen completely white. We also offer other shades of white, which are cream, off-white, and ghost white.

White Screen Uses

White is a bright color, which is why it is often used to illuminate your environment, just like a flashlight. It is often used instead of a tablet’s or phone’s flashlight so it is not as bright but gives mild illumination so you are aware of what is around you and do not bump into objects at night.

White screens are also used for other purposes:

  • Identify dead pixels that won’t light up.
  • Pinpoint the darker dust particles that cannot be seen on a black background.
  • Discoloration or lighter pixels can be identified easily.
  • It can be used as a source of light on one monitor while you attend a video call on the other, giving a better lighting effect.

Click on the white box above to completely turn your screen white.

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