Parrot Green
Seafoam Green
Light Green

Pure Green

The full screen offers different shades of complete green screens to go with your ambient theme. According to research, green is a soothing color often used to make you feel refreshed and optimistic. This is also why this color can be seen a lot in operation theaters and emergency rooms.

Click on the respective box to make your entire screen the same color and help you be positive.

Green Screen Uses

Green represents the color of nature. It can be refreshing to look at a green screen to relax your eyes and feel optimized. Here are a few other uses for a green screen:

  • Great to relax your eyes during breaks.
  • The color green is associated with the refreshing colors of nature, thus gets you calm.
  • Green screens are used as backgrounds that can later be edited.
  • A green background works better for videos, as there are more green-sensitive pixels in the camera design than red or blue.

Put on the green screen by clicking on the green box above, and give yourself the feeling of true nature while indoors.

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