Carrot Orange
Deep Orange
Light Orange

Full Orange Screen

The orange screen can be used to check the monitor for dead pixels and other faults. Once the screen turns orange, all the faults, whether dead pixels or other physical damage, will become clear. Try out a full orange screen with different shades of orange color.

Click on the respective box to make your entire screen the same color.

Orange Screen Uses

The orange color is the closest you can get to the actual color of the sun. Although it has no purpose affecting directly the screen, it can be used in other ways:

  • Give your surrounding an orange glow or match your screen to the skin of your phone/tablet.
  • Make your ambiance as if it had natural sunlight coming in.
  • The orange color can give your mood a lift by giving a more relaxing vibe.
  • It can also be used during online meetings to give the effect that you are outside.
  • Colored screens are often used to match your surroundings and give your PC a distinguished look for aesthetic purposes.

Click on the orange box above to turn your screen completely orange.

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