How To Use Fullscreen Colors for Relaxation and Mood Enhancement?

It is psychologically proven that certain colors can have a huge impact on your emotional and physical state. That’s why changing the full screen of your monitor, smartphone, laptop, or tablet to one color is sometimes a good idea for mood upliftment and relaxation.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about how full-screen colors are beneficial for a peaceful state of mind.

What Is The Effect of Different Colors On Your Mood?

One of the most effective uses of a full-screen color tool is to change the color of your screen according to your mood. Our full-screen tool offers a wide range of colors to choose from for your screen. Let’s look at how different colors can have varying effects on a person’s mood!


As green symbolizes nature, it is the perfect color when it comes to internal peace and joy. A full green screen gives you a warm, refreshing essence of nature while you are working on your device. Our tool has three shades of green: parrot green, light green, and seafoam green. You can select the one according to your preference.


Many users like to keep their background white as it is a bright color and is good for the eye in a bright environment. White is also known to make a person feel calm and composed, so it is comparatively easier to work on a white screen. You can choose from cream white, off-white, and ghost white through our website.


Although the color black is notorious for its dark nature, it can be quite soothing at times. Numerous people, including me, like to keep their full-screen black. It radiates a sense of relief and gives you the strength to work easier under pressure. Therefore, a black screen is also a good choice for feeling relaxed while using it.


If you change your screen color to orange, you will feel as if you are working near sunlight. This natural, bright ambiance gives rise to a relaxing vibe and makes you feel fresh. If you dislike dark orange, we also have an option of light orange. Other shades include carrot orange and deep orange.


Our website has three types of purple color themes: medium, royal, and rebecca. The medium and royal purple colors are relatively lighter and have a very soothing effect on the user giving rise to tranquility and peacefulness. On the other hand, rebecca purple is a darker tone of purple. In addition to feeling relaxed, dark purple also boosts an energetic mood.


Blue is the best color used for mood enhancement and amplifying joy. As it is a sign of serenity and peace, it will keep you light and happy while you spend hours working on your screen. It has a quite similar effect on your mood as a purple theme.


A pink screen is the best way to lighten up your mood. The pink light radiating from a pink screen will add a soothing touch to your surroundings. Be it light pink, hot pink, or deep pink, pink is a therapeutic color, and refreshes your mood like a baby.

Other Colors

The colors discussed above are just our few, most-used colors for full screens. There are numerous other shades of a variety of colors. You can select the one that goes best with your current mood, feeling, atmosphere, and preference!

Which Full-Screen Colors Help In Eye Relaxation?

A lot of colors help relax your eyes if you have been continuously working on the screen. If your eyes feel wary and sleepy, you can try switching the color of your full screen to black, as it is best known to relax your eyes, especially in a low-light atmosphere. The color green is also effective for calming and relaxing your eyes. The nature of this color creates a serene ambiance, and your eyes feel less tired.

Scientifically, colors with a shorter wavelength in the spectrum, like blue and violet, cause more eye strain than colors with a longer wavelength. That’s why longer wavelength colors like orange, green, and yellow are better for eye relaxation. However, black is more commonly used among individuals as it seems to have the least pressure on the eyes in a dim atmosphere.

Using Our Tool, Choose The Right Fullscreen Color For Yourself!

Every person has different preferences. While some are fond of a lighter background, some like to work on a darker color mode. Therefore, choosing the right color for your full-screen solely depends on what you like for your mood and yourself.

In any way, our full-screen tool is there to assist you. It is very easy to change your full-screen to your desired color using our website. We provide all kinds of colors ranging from pink to black. There is also an option to try random colors that go with your liking. So, what are you waiting for? Try out our full-screen tool now!

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